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Apr. 23rd, 2006 | 07:11 pm
location: Home
mood: shocked shocked
music: Hips Don't Lie- Shakira

Ok. So i was just going over all my past journal entries. And all i was thinking the whole time was "Damn did i really use to say this crap". It was so annoying all the stuff i wrote about. It looks all like junior high drama to me. But whatever that's life. I'm just glad that im not like that anymore. It looks all like immature kiddy stuff. I'm not trying to sound cocky or self-centered. But that's what it looks like to me in my eyes now. Even though some of the events i have written i really can't truly remember them. Lol. I feel so slow. Lol.

well well well...

Apr. 23rd, 2006 | 04:17 pm
mood: pleased pleased

So i think it's been maybe 3 years since my last post. Wow. What can i say. Lol. A lot has happened in the past 3 years. Well, my best friend is still Kat and somehow i decided to come back and become active once again. Lol. I've been at her house when she does roleplaying in some high school musical role playing group. I've read their things and its very interesting. She has had me hooked. Lol. So that's how i decided to come back. Well, for the past year and about to be one month I've been dating only one guy. Miguel. We only broke up once and for about a month or so. I'll get into details later. Umm. Amazing to find out that the girl that had a new crush every week finally has a steady boyfriend for a whole year. Lol. I even have a promise ring. I was extremely happy when I received it. Lol. Ummm. We broke up because i caught him cheating on me with a hoebag who doesn't get the hint that he doesn't even want to talk with her. But some of you might ask. "Why the fuck is she dating him again since he cheated on her." Well simply because i love him. When you love someone its hard to let go of your feelings and yes i know i'm very young to be saying that i love someone but if it isn't love then i don't know what it is. And i just felt i had to give him another chance to see if it was the right thing to do. Because i'm not one of those peoples that makes choices and wonders about them forever. I've had my best friend Kat there for me through thick and thin no matter what. I love her so much because she is like my big sister and i feel like she is my number one supporter. THis past years i've made friends and i've lost friends. I've been through junior high and currently i'm in high school. I feel like i've matured a lot from all those years back then. It's been great to have met all those new peoples and also sad to know that some who i believed where my closest friends really weren't. I had the chance to experience my first kiss last year. I also had the chance to have my quinceañero. It was really beautiful. My mom made my dress and all by herself prepared the party. I got the chance to meet my uncle last year. Sadly he has AIDS. I had a blast with him and he is very wise. He has been through a lot and talks of pure experience. He is a sweetheart. I love him a lot. He is the definite opposite of my father. During the last 3 years my brothers have made it big. They are currently working on their album soon to hit stores and their song "Esa Nena" is number one in miami. They have had many concerts in places around florida. I wish them the best of luck. Currently, I'm on the school's colorguard. THis is my first true year but last year i was on the team for about 1/2 the season on winterguard JV which never truly formed into a team. So i was semi on the team. After this year i put so much dedication, time, and effort and I'm one of the 3 gurls running for leadership on the team. I'm running for Co-Captain. I'm hoping I make it. So that's pretty much it. I will try to keep current on livejournal i forgot how useful these are. Lol.

The Boy!

Jan. 18th, 2003 | 11:36 pm

Man, that guy is soooo cute, and den mah bestest bestest best friend, Alana, is mad becuz i think dat the guy she likes is fione!Well she is also mad becuz she couldnt go to the mall today. And I was talking bout how it was and everything. But still she was all like "stop talking bout dat cuz ur making me mad", and den I asked her, "why?" And she was all like "Becuz you got to go to the mall and u got to see mah baby!!" I found that kinda weird. Hey Alana if you reading this, I think your baby aint your baby becuz it looked like to me dat he already had a gurl!


Jan. 18th, 2003 | 11:15 pm
mood: happy happy
music: Take It Off- The Donnas

Well, mah friend.... *cough* Alana *cough* called me at like 8:00 A.M. and I got soo mad becuz she woke me up. After dat I had like 2 to 3 hours to get ready to go to the DDR Tournament with Kathy and her brother. It was cool, we saw a lot of people from school and a lot of cute boys. There was one guy there who was totally hot I know his name cuz he's Alana's friend's brother but I'm not gunna mention names. OH MY GOSH we were with Jasmine and mah crush was around and she went up to him and told him I thought he had a fine ass, when all we talked bout was bout how cute he is and she went and told him a major lie, I was soo mad and embarassed. Oh yeah, Kathy's brother did really good in the tournament, he got 2nd place and dat's pretty good considerin dat there were like a lot of peoples. After the DDR tournament was over and the freestylin tournament was gunna start I catched up with Alecia and I took her to the arcade to show her the guy I thought was hot. She thought he was fione, wait these are her werds "he is fione, wait not just fione, really really fione." It was funny, she did something dat I just started to crack up.... she thought he was gunna leave and she is like "imma bout to go up to him and ask him why he leaving." And then I was like "fa real!!" And she is like "I only do dat to boys who are fione, wait really really fione!"
Then I asked her if he was reall really fione. And she screamed so loudly "YEAH!!!!!!" It was soooo funny!!! A lot of stuff happened today that was cool. I had a really good time! Hey Kats, if you reading dis, Thanx a lot gurl, LYLAS! (dat goes to kathy.)

Andy and Ashley 4eva

Sep. 14th, 2002 | 10:44 am

OMG..... finally they r going out..... lol.... hey andy if ya readin dis (which i know u iz...) i wish u a lot of luck with ashley!!! Anywayz... they really make the cutest couple.... cuz no offense they both short, uh... they both have blonde hair... and they both tiote peoples!!!! LoL..... But in the other hand one of my guy friends he is going out with a total slut and i hate her... so yeah!!!

WOO HOO!!!!!!!!

Sep. 6th, 2002 | 05:46 pm
mood: happy happy
music: A Thousand Miles- Vanessa Carlton

Oh my freaking gosh, I'm so happy!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We beat Wilkinson yesterday for the first game of the season!!!! I'm so happy 7th grade volleyball beat Wilkinson, 8th grade volleyball lost, but they played really good, and 7th and 8th grade slowpitch softball lost against Wilkinon. So yeah, we are pretty happy. But Wilkinosn is also a really tough school to beat at volleyball..... *starts cheering* "You may be good at basketball, u may be good at track, but when it comes to volleyball, U better step back" *clap clap* "Lets go, Lets go Wildcats" *stomp stomp "Lets go, Lets go Wildcats" *stomp stomp*

Work, Work, and more Work

Sep. 1st, 2002 | 08:51 pm
mood: exhausted exhausted
music: Heaven- Dj Sammy

Wow, all day long I've been doing practicly everything!!!!!!But like around 12 I started to work on this project I have for Social Studies. It's so freaking boring, we have to do a picture dictionary, I really hate it. And I had to go clean my carpet, and then wait for it to dry and pass the vacuum and then rearrange some junk and stuff and then put new bed covers and stuff on my bed. Then my mom made this kind of rice I hate it because it has fish in it and I can't eat it so I haven't ate since this morning but I'm cooking some soup right this second. I haven't had enough time to go online because I have volleyball and stuff. So I get home like at 6, so does Kathy. Anywayz, I right this second I gotta go eat, so bye.

I dunno....

Aug. 20th, 2002 | 08:02 pm
mood: sad sad
music: Cat's Eye

Ok, i know i haven't written in here in a very long time, so I'll just say what I have been doing, I have been doing practice till 6 for volleyball team. I'm happy I made the team :)
But see there is this guy.... why does there always have to b a guy? Well anywayz, there is this guy and his name is Josh and well I sorta have a crush on him and well he has a girlfriend and I just found that out today :( It's not fair, why is it that every guy I like has to have a girlfriend or he doesn't like me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Anywayz, school just started a couple weeks ago and our first dance is this friday, nobody is going to ask me, i know that for shure. But i have to go now because imma go wath How High. Oh yeah i fergot our cable got damaged in this really bad storm we had, and the cable company told us they were going to put just a few more channels on there(the tv) and they put about 900 when i only had 75 channels. MaN, its not fair, why does he have to have a girlfriend?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

I'm kinda sad but happy too!!

Jul. 13th, 2002 | 09:29 am
mood: okay okay
music: I See Right Through You- DJ Encore

Ok, so far my computer is getting a lil bit faster. See I haven't been able to write on live journal just because I've been uninstalling some programs that I almost never use. I'm taking them off because my computer is going really really slow and I can't do anything on it. But, now it seems like i restarted my computer all over. And it goes pretty fast now. Also today my grandma left to go to New York for a whole month. I had to wake up at 5 A.M. and last night I went to sleep like around 2 or 3. I don't know, but that has been happening lately. I can't go to sleep till 2 or 3 in the morning. And now I can't go to sleep because once I wake up completely I can't go back to sleep (unless I'm sick). And I'm really happy now because I get to spend more time online now instead of cleaning my room or fixing the computer. Anywayz, I saw these shoes they are adorable. They are nike and it's white and has a big nike sign (the check). And the check, it is silver. And at the bottom it is white, silver, and white. I'm probably getting them next week. I'm so so happy, because next week I get those shoes and probably some clothes!!!!:)

I Gots Some New Stuff!!!

Jun. 19th, 2002 | 09:55 pm
mood: sleepy sleepy
music: Complicated- Avril Lavigne

Wow.... I'm so happy.Though right now I'm sleepy but oh well. Anywayz, my mom today got me a new mouse cuz my old one was messed up. My new mouse lights up when you touch it and stays lit till you take your hand of it, and has this thing that you can move the screen up and down without having to press anything (i fergot what it is called). And my mom got 2 bags of candy, all for me. I was so happy! And on Monday I went to Adventure Landing with Kathy and her brother. So, so far my week is going pretty good.... I can't complain!!