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well well well...

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Apr. 23rd, 2006 | 04:17 pm
mood: pleased pleased

So i think it's been maybe 3 years since my last post. Wow. What can i say. Lol. A lot has happened in the past 3 years. Well, my best friend is still Kat and somehow i decided to come back and become active once again. Lol. I've been at her house when she does roleplaying in some high school musical role playing group. I've read their things and its very interesting. She has had me hooked. Lol. So that's how i decided to come back. Well, for the past year and about to be one month I've been dating only one guy. Miguel. We only broke up once and for about a month or so. I'll get into details later. Umm. Amazing to find out that the girl that had a new crush every week finally has a steady boyfriend for a whole year. Lol. I even have a promise ring. I was extremely happy when I received it. Lol. Ummm. We broke up because i caught him cheating on me with a hoebag who doesn't get the hint that he doesn't even want to talk with her. But some of you might ask. "Why the fuck is she dating him again since he cheated on her." Well simply because i love him. When you love someone its hard to let go of your feelings and yes i know i'm very young to be saying that i love someone but if it isn't love then i don't know what it is. And i just felt i had to give him another chance to see if it was the right thing to do. Because i'm not one of those peoples that makes choices and wonders about them forever. I've had my best friend Kat there for me through thick and thin no matter what. I love her so much because she is like my big sister and i feel like she is my number one supporter. THis past years i've made friends and i've lost friends. I've been through junior high and currently i'm in high school. I feel like i've matured a lot from all those years back then. It's been great to have met all those new peoples and also sad to know that some who i believed where my closest friends really weren't. I had the chance to experience my first kiss last year. I also had the chance to have my quinceañero. It was really beautiful. My mom made my dress and all by herself prepared the party. I got the chance to meet my uncle last year. Sadly he has AIDS. I had a blast with him and he is very wise. He has been through a lot and talks of pure experience. He is a sweetheart. I love him a lot. He is the definite opposite of my father. During the last 3 years my brothers have made it big. They are currently working on their album soon to hit stores and their song "Esa Nena" is number one in miami. They have had many concerts in places around florida. I wish them the best of luck. Currently, I'm on the school's colorguard. THis is my first true year but last year i was on the team for about 1/2 the season on winterguard JV which never truly formed into a team. So i was semi on the team. After this year i put so much dedication, time, and effort and I'm one of the 3 gurls running for leadership on the team. I'm running for Co-Captain. I'm hoping I make it. So that's pretty much it. I will try to keep current on livejournal i forgot how useful these are. Lol.

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