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Jun. 13th, 2006 | 09:22 am
mood: hyper hyper

yesterday was pretty bad... i had a racist redneck make me feel so horrible. I was so mad and I didn't even say anything back at her becuz she was old. Yeah I know some of you will be like I would have still said something but out of respect I kept my mouth shut. I was mad and then I got uber depressed because of what she said... she was all like (i dont remember in the exact words... i told kat... cuz it was yesterday and i wasn't into remembering everything but pretty much she was like:) you fucking filthy hispanic whore, you shouldn't even be allowed to shop here. I was like wtf is her fucking problem. Her mom looked so embarassed... and it was even more stupider the reason she did that... it was because this man, (black) he let us go infront of him while he went to go get a few things that he forgot... then he was like you guys can get infront... ill be right back can u watch my cart and move it with you... and we (me and madre de lee) were like yes... and den we where in line and when it was our turn to pay u know i moved his cart with us... and den this lady (stupid ass fucking redneck lady!!) came and that's when she become all BLAH!! on us... she said that she doesn't fucking care that we were holding his place... that he is holding up the line (ummm there was noone behind us...) and that she is with her mother and that they've been waiting in another line pretty long... (that was the nice version of it... fucking hillbilly used some really bad words)... then the dude came and i felt so bad... it made me feel ten times worse... i was like sorry... then she got all racist on him... i was like im never going shopping here again... not if it means i have to be publicly insulted by a racist bitch just to get my clothes... hell to the fuck no... i felt like telling her my brothers lil favorite phrase... "go to hell and fuck the devil bitch!"... ok... that out of my system... then i went to the mall... it got better, i bought some clothes... and they are really cute... im really excited to leave for ny... i know i've prolly said that like ten million times but hey i am... i already kinda packed my bag... ummmm well i have like 20 outfits for just 10 days and i dont know where imma fit my shoes because i have 5 pajamas... and of course my undies... Lol... i dunno why that's so funny... but it is... so that just leaves make-up which is going with me on the plane... i dont want them breaking anything (them as in the people who tend to throw the luggage on the plane even though they are not suppose to and if it says fragile do not throw they still tend to throw it... yeah those people)... ohhhh i got a hello kitty babi blue backpack (u know those lil kiddie backpacks... lol) yeah... well i got one of those just to put (here comes the list:) make-up, dvd's, dvd player, cd player, my version of my brothers bible (my brother calls his cd case and cds his bible) and books... ummm whatever else i can think of to go in there... but chyeah... i think i've entertained u enough reading my list of things... sooo chyeah... ohhh before i leave... i wanted to mention that i have my first wisdom tooth coming in... it hurts like a bitch but chyea... enough whining... cuz that's all i ever write about... wait i just talked about new york... i dont think that was whining... anyways, im mucho hyper cuz i drank practically a whole bottle of coke (one of those big ones... i dunno how many ounces or liters it is) vague enough i know... but chyeah... im off now to do... something... somewhere... maybe... i dunno... ill see... peace and chicken grease yo!

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From: steffe26
Date: Jun. 14th, 2006 12:29 am (UTC)

Aww, I'm sorry your day sucked.

And my wisdom teeth have been coming in since last year -- they're uber slow, so I barely feel them now, thank god. I have a dentist appointment coming up and they mentioned that they'd be taking a look at my wisdom teelth to see if I need them taken out. Unlike Ryan, I've never had any wisdom teeth pulled.

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From: sweetnenaangel
Date: Jun. 14th, 2006 12:56 am (UTC)

It's ok... thanks though...

*makes frightened face* Well good luck... hope that you dont have to take them out though... my brother had to get his out and he was all high on the drugs that they gave him... it was funny... and den now he has issue with his jaw... he can't eat things that are really crunchy becuz his jaw is not closed yet... like the opening they made... hope that wasn't confusing...? but anyways i hope i dont need to get mine out...

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